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I completely understand that wedding planners are not for everyone. In fact, some couples love planning their own wedding and fully submerge themselves in spread sheets, mood boards, colour swabs & linen samples. However, planning a wedding and co-ordinating a wedding are two very different tasks. And when it comes to the seamless running of their wedding day, some couples will look for the assurance from a wedding planner to ensure that the day they have been planning for months, or quite possible years runs smoothly.

My On The Day Co-ordination & Management service is perfect for couples who find themselves in this situation. Actually, the title of this service is slightly misleading, as it includes so much more than arriving on the day of your wedding to oversee the days events.

Of course, each planner will have their own version of this service.  However, this blog post explains a little more about what I include and why it can be a godsend for any couple that are feeling slightly overwhelmed at the thought of bringing all their well laid wedding plans together.

Firstly, once you have made contact with me and my availability has been confirmed I would suggest meeting for a coffee or scheduling a call so that we can talk through the plans you have put in place.  This is a fantastic opportunity for me to establish key information about your wedding day and also allows me to understand the style of wedding you have planned.

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My consultation is always followed up with a proposal which sets out the information that you have provided, as well as key tasks that I will carry out in the lead up to your wedding and on the day itself.

We will next meet approximately four weeks before your wedding, preferably at your chosen venue. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to discuss your day in finer detail, and also allows me to review and compliment, (if necessary), the plans that you have put into place.

Following on from our meeting I will prepare a schedule of the day, which I will share with each of the wedding suppliers you have chosen to work with. It is important that each supplier receives the full schedule, rather than the small section which is relevant for them, as this allows each of them to understand the flow of your wedding day. As well as sending your wedding day timings to your suppliers, I will also re-confirm the arrangements you have made with them and address any last minutes tweaks such as adjustments to your final guests numbers.

I will also be on hand as the count down to your wedding day begins to answer any questions that you may have and to offer guidance and assistance when required.

It doesn’t matter how organised you are, there will still be a number of tasks that need completing on the big day itself. This could be setting out place cards, positioning your wedding day signage, testing your ceremony music on the PA system or ensuring there are vases filled with water ready for your bouquets once your photographer has captured all your photographs. So, as you would expect, I will then be with you on your wedding day working discreetly behind the scenes ensuring your special day runs smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy your big day rather than addressing the days logistics.


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To learn more about my On The Day Co-Ordination service and any other planning services I offer head over to my website, and please do feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

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