Inviting Children To Your Wedding



Inviting children to your wedding

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As a wedding planner, it’s vital that I establish a couples intentions regarding inviting children to their nuptials in the early stages of planning their wedding.  This will not only allow me to recommend appropriate wedding venues, as it is not unusual for some venues to either limit the number of children attending a wedding, or for them to politely request that weddings held with them are a child free affair, but it also assists me when completing a budget breakdown, as I will know whether or not I need to allocate a percentage of their budget towards childcare or child entertainment.

Of course, when couples are making this decision there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do this and the decision is simply down to a their own wishes.  However, whatever your views it is important that you make this decision early on, and that you are completely transparent as to whether or not the invitation is extended to include children, so as not to cause confusion amongst parents.

If your inviting children to your wedding

If you decide to make your wedding a family friendly affair, then this doesn’t need to mean that each and every child within your family and friendship circle will be invited.  Instead, you can choose to only invite children of close family members, or children whom have a role in the ceremony such as Flower Girls and Page Boys.

Your intentions should be clearly indicated by including the names of each child invited to your wedding on their parents invitation, as well as asking parents to include in their RSVP the age of their child and whether or not their child will require a child friendly meal.

When inviting children to your wedding it’s important to consider how you will keep them entertained.  Setting up an activities area for children to enjoy is a great way to grasp their attention. Include simple arts and crafts, colouring, sticker books and puzzles.  If space allows, large versions of children classics such as Connect Four and Jenga are also a firm favourite amongst children of all ages, as well as an eye catching dessert table.

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Another factor to consider is where children will be seated (with their parents or on a children’s table).  If you decide to incorporate a children’s table into your seating plan then considering the following will help ensure the children are entertained, which in turn will allow your wedding breakfast and speeches to run smoothly (well hopefully).

  • Decorate the children’s table with an array of inviting and entertaining age appropriate activities
  • Consider hiring an event nanny to dine with the children
  • Book an entertainer to entertain the children towards the end of your wedding breakfast and speeches
  • Inform parents in advance that you intend to have a children’s table, and ensure that they along with their children are happy with this arrangement

If your not inviting children to your wedding

If you decide not to invite children to your wedding then this should be clearly indicated within the information included with your invitations.

Including a small paragraph explaining why you are not inviting children, or why you have limited the children attending your wedding will allow your guests to clearly understand your intentions.  If you are concerned that guests whose children are not invited may be offended by your decision, maybe consider speaking to them prior to sending your invitations explaining the reason for your decision.  Many parents will understand, and some may even be grateful for an excuse to take the day off and enjoy a child free day.

Fun signage for children at your wedding

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Deciding on whether or not to invite children to your wedding is just one of many decisions you will need to make throughout your wedding planning process.  If you feel that you could benefit from working with a wedding planner  and are planning your wedding within Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire then please do take a look at my website to view the selection of wedding planning services I offer.


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Inviting Children To Your Wedding | Essex Wedding Planner



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