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A couples bridal party normally includes family members as well as close friends of the bride & groom.  Each role comes with it’s own responsibilities, but the common factor which runs throughout your bridal party is they are all there to help and support you throughout the planning of your wedding day and on the big day itself.

How many people you include is completely up to you.  Some of my brides have chosen to have as many as ten bridesmaids, whilst others have chosen not to have any at all.  Whoever you choose to include will be there for you to offer advice, moral support, love and probably a shoulder to cry on when things get a little stressful throughout the planning process and when emotions are running high on your special day.

Throughout this blog post I will explain the traditional roles associated with each member of your bridal party, but remember this is only a guide and if you wish to break with tradition and shake things up a little that’s perfectly fine. It’s your wedding day after all.

Maid of honour

Your maid of honour is basically your right hand women, providing support whilst you are making plans as well as on your wedding day. This could be helping you find the perfect dress, assisting with sending out your invitations, helping you get organised as your wedding day approaches and not forgetting arranging the all important hen do. They will also be there for you throughout your wedding day making sure your glass is always full, looking after your lipgloss, making sure your flats are close by ready for dancing and not forgetting toilet duties (a maid of honour is not a maid of honour unless she has held up your wedding dress).


Traditionally close friends or relatives of the bride, bridesmaids will be there to help the bride and maid of honour throughout the wedding planning journey as well as on the big day. As with the maid of honour bridesmaids will help the bride on her special day making sure all runs smoothly. The duties will vary but typically they may help the photographer gather guests for group shots, set out the place cards ready for when guests take their seats for dinner, make sure your cards and presents are put somewhere safe at the end of the night and of course walk down the aisle before or after the bride.

Flower girls & page boys

Typically the younger members of the bridal party, your flower girl’s and page boy’s main role is to add the cute factor to your wedding day. However, aside from looking adorable you may want your page boys to accompany the flower girls as they walk down the aisle scattering petals from their flower baskets.

Best man

A similar role to that of the maid of honour, but providing support to the groom. The best man is usually the groom’s best friend, brother or a close family member.  Traditionally the best man would stand with the groom at the altar whilst waiting for the bride to make her entrance, as well as keeping the wedding bands safe until they are exchanged throughout the wedding ceremony. The best man also delivers the final speech of the day, (if you are following the traditional order) and arranges the groom’s stag do.


The main role of the ushers is to greet guests and show them to their seats before the wedding ceremony begins. Ushers may also be asked to help move items such as chairs and flowers if they are being repurposed following the ceremony.


We all know that the father of the bride traditionally has a big part to play on his daughters wedding day. Walking the bride down the aisle, delivering a speech and a father & daughter dance throughout the evening reception to name a few. However, the other parents also have important roles, generally providing love & support throughout the wedding preparations and mingling with guests on the big day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and it has helped you understand the variety of roles and responsibilities for your wedding party. Throughout this post I have described traditional roles of a bridal party, but these traditions can of course be mixed up. Many brides now choose to have a man of honour in place of a maid of honour, as well as a combination of bridesmen and bridesmaids. They may also choose to have their mum walk them down the aisle as well as give a speech throughout the wedding breakfast. Groom’s may also choose to have two best men or even a best lady. Remember it’s your day and there are no rules, so enjoy choosing your bridal party and allocating their tasks.

If you would like to learn more about planning a wedding take a look at the blog page on my website where you will find an abundance of planning advice and top tips.  And if you are considering working with a wedding planner head over to the wedding planning page on my website or get in touch to discuss how I can assist you.


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