How To Keep Guests Cool At A Summer Wedding

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With the summer months being what all wedding professionals call “Wedding Season” it goes without saying the majority of engaged couples are still choosing to marry in the height of summer.

With the weather being one factor we are unable to control, most couples will have a plan B in place in the event of poor weather. But, have you considered how to keep your guests comfortable if the sun is also a guest on your wedding day?

With so many arrangements to make and things to consider it can become overwhelming when trying to consider every eventuality for your wedding day. So I’m sharing a few simple tips which will help ensure a good time is had by all if the suns decides to shine extra bright on your wedding day.

Provide shade for your ceremony

A civil ceremony will last between 20-30 minutes, with guests being seated around 15 minutes prior to the ceremony starting.  If you are hosting your nuptials in an outside setting, you may wish to consider how you will keep your guests protected from the sun throughout this time.  A white canopy is a beautiful option, not only is this pleasing on the eye, it also offers your guests shelter from the sun without making them feel as if they are seated within a marquee. A white canopy also offers fabulous styling opportunities, with suspended floral displays, fairy light canopies or chandeliers being the perfect way to enhance your ceremony area.

On a side note, should there be light drizzle throughout your ceremony, a white canopy will also provide your guests with shelter from the rain. Making this a worth while investment as it will be useful whatever the weather decides to do on your wedding day.

Offer chilled beverages

We all enjoy a refreshing ice cold beverage on a hot day, with your wedding day being no exception.  Making sure there is a steady flow of ice cold refreshments throughout your big day will keep your guests hydrated and help to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Displaying these in ice buckets will keep them ice cold as well as making them freely available for your guests.

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Offering delicate paper fans to your guests is a thoughtful way of ensuring your friends and family are kept cool throughout your wedding day.  Go one step further and choose fans that match your wedding day colour palette and personalise them with your wedding day details, making them the perfect keepsake for your guests.

Shaded seating areas

Utilising naturally shaded areas is a perfect way to keep your guests cool. Displaying seating that matches the style of your wedding under large trees is a fabulous way to offer your guests shelter from the suns rays. Or, should natural shade be an issue hire picnic bench style seating with large parasols which is also a great way to offer shaded seating to your guests.


Sunscreen will be a common item forgotten by your guests. Help protect them from the sun by offering a selection of sunscreen.  Not only will this make you the most thoughtful of hosts, but it will also help ensure your guests do not have an unwelcome reminder of your wedding day in the way of sunburn.

Image Credit: Anesta Broad Photography

I hope that you have found this blog post helpful.  Providing helpful tips is just one way working with a wedding planner can assist you throughout your wedding planning journey.

If you are planning a wedding within Essex, Suffolk, Kent or Hertfordshire and would like to discuss working with Hayley Jayne Weddings & Events please do get in touch.  I would love to hear the plans that you have for your special day.

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