Rain On Your Wedding Day

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With the weather being one of the few elements of your wedding day that you are unable to control, many couples worry that rain will be an uninvited guest on their wedding day. And, along with it’s arrival, will ruin each of their well laid plans.

Whilst I of course appreciate that rain on your wedding day is not ideal. However, as a planner and a firm believer that you should always have a plan b and indeed a plan c. With careful planning and a contingency plan in place, rain needed be the dreaded scenario that it often is and should definitely not ruin the excitement of the days leading up to your wedding.

Check your venues rainy day plan

If you are planning to host any element of your wedding day outside, then you should be checking your venues rainy day plan. This will often mean relocating to an indoor room, a covered area outside or erecting a marquee or canopy. Once you are aware of your venues rainy day policy, you should also ask your venue to confirm the latest point in which they will allow you to make the call and switch to their plan b. When making your final decision do reach out to your venue to seek their advice and suggestions. They would have dealt with this situation on a number of occasions.  So, do trust any recommendations they make.

Be flexible

Being a wedding planner I completely understand the importance of timings and following a schedule. However, sometimes when you are working with a plan which differs from your original itinerary, it is necessary to adapt timings accordingly. Often this will just be minor adjustments, such as having your outside photos after speeches rather than throughout your drinks reception. Or, maybe reducing your confetti shot to members of the bridal party only and holding this in a small area inside your venue or outside under the cover of umbrellas.

Bride & Groom in the rain | Essex Wedding Planner


As mentioned above, umbrellas can be a useful accessory if rain is forecast for your wedding day. With many choices available from traditional white, elegant transparent through to umbrellas to match that of your wedding day colour palette. If you are expecting rain, be sure to have a selection of umbrellas available and position them accordingly around your venue.  For example, guests will require an umbrella when walking from their cars to your ceremony area and whilst visiting the washrooms, (if they are located outside). It’s also worth remembering that umbrella’s are not just useful and practical items, they can also be used as a fun prop for your wedding day photographs, (more about that below). And, as well as umbrellas, if your planning a wedding within a marquee or a similar temporary structure, then you may wish to provide your bridal party with wellies or heel protectors, especially if you intend on embracing the weather when it comes to your wedding day photographs.

Embrace the rain

If rain is forecast, then embrace it. Speak to your venue for their top tips on areas in which your photographer can capture your wedding day images. Ask if there are any outdoor sheltered areas such as an awning, ceremony gazebo or a large tree which will allow you to have outside photographs without using umbrellas. You can also capture fun groups shots using umbrella’s with your bridal party and not forgetting romantic images of you both cuddling under the shelter of an umbrella.  Also, trust your photographer. More often than not, this will not be their first wedding with rain and rain allows photographers to capture the most dramatic images, which wouldn’t be possible on a sunny day.  So, allow them to get creative and use a puddle to capture a reflection photograph or a black and white image where raindrops look like fireflies.

Bride & Groom in the rain with raindrops | Essex Wedding Planner

Image Credits: Wedding’s By Anesta

I hope you have found the tips included within this blog post helpful and are no longer fearing rain on your wedding day. Instead, you can now look forward to the count down to your wedding with a rainy day plan in place. I am a firm believer that once a plan b has been established and you know how you will be dealing with a situation, it is no longer an issue. It’s also good to remember, the most important element of your big day is that you marry and begin the next chapter of your life together.

If you are planning a wedding within Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire and feel that you may benefit from working with a wedding planner, I would love for you to get in touch so we can discuss your plans and requirements.


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Rain On Your Wedding Day | Essex Wedding Planner

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