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After months and quite possibly years of planning your wedding day, it’s important to have everything in place so you can relax and enjoy the special day that you have planned to perfection.

As the countdown to your wedding day begins, it’s easy to become distracted and forget to put in place small details that will help your day to run smoothly.

It’s also common for couples to allow stress and worry to take over as their special day approaches. Which often means their big day passes by without them actually relaxing and enjoying their well laid plans.

You will however be pleased to know that with a little forward planning this can be avoided. So today, I’m very excited to be sharing my top tips on how you can get organised, relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Delegate, delegate & delegate

By far the biggest tip I can share with you is to delegate. I know it’s hard to hand over the reins and trust others with your big day, but it’s near on impossible to be in charge of the smooth running of your wedding and also enjoy it as you should.

Asking friends and family to take care of small tasks throughout the day will allow you to relax both prior to the big day and on the day itself. Knowing in advance that a particular element has been addressed will give you piece of mind as well as immense satisfaction as it is crossed of your to do list.

Please do bear in mind though, tasks should be delegated evenly so as not to overwhelm one person and also try to draw upon people’s strengths when allocating duties.

Delegating simple tasks such as putting your maid of honour in charge of assisting your photographer with gathering family members for your group shots. Asking your ushers or best man to relocate the ceremony flowers to their new position following your ceremony and putting your bridesmaids in charge of placing bouquets in vases of water after your photographs will allow you to relax and enjoy each moment without becoming distracted by each tiny element of the day.

Share your schedule

As well as sharing your wedding day schedule  with your on the day suppliers and venue. It is also beneficial to send your schedule to responsible members of your wedding party, remembering to ask them to bring along a copy on the day. Of course, you don’t want them referring to this on an hourly basis, but it does help if others are aware of your plans so they can discreetly check that no detail is over looked throughout the day. This will leave you to relax safe in the knowledge that the most trusted members of your bridal party are keeping a close eye on the days events for you.

Relax as much as possible in the days before your wedding

Easier said than done I know, but where possible do try to plan ahead and complete as much as you can in the weeks leading up to your wedding day rather than in the days prior to your big day. This can be packing your over night bag for your wedding night, sorting the contents for your wedding day emergency kit or completing any DIY tasks such as making your place cards or favours. Basically, anything that can be done in advance should be done. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the countdown to your wedding rather than rushing around tying loose ends. This also allows time to identify and rectify any issues that may arise.

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Eat & drink

Your schedule will be jammed packed and time will fly, making it easy to forget to eat and drink on your wedding day. I have spoken previously about remembering to allow time within your bridal prep for breakfast & lunch and this also applies once the day is in full swing. Consider speaking to your caterers prior to your wedding day to ask them to save you a small plate of canapes, incase they are served whilst you are having your group and couple photographs. You can then enjoy them together whilst your guests are being seated for wedding breakfast. This little five minutes could actually be the first time you have been alone together since tying the knot!

Spend time with each other & your guests

Consider factoring into your wedding schedule small pockets of time that you can spend together. This can be a little down time whilst your guests are taking their seats for dinner, a short walk after dinner but before speeches or snatching a few precious moments together following speeches prior to your evening guests arriving. Making a conscious effort to address this prior to your wedding will make it easier for you to incorporate one of these suggestions into your big day.

You should also set aside time to mingle with your guests. Consider using the time towards the end of your drinks reception once your photographs have been taken, in between courses throughout your wedding breakfast or allowing a short time following speeches before your evening guests begin to arrive.  All of which are perfect opportunities to spend a little time chatting with your guests.

Take it all in

Above all remember to stop for a moment and reflect on your day. Take time to appreciate the beautiful florals that your florist has created for you. Make sure you have a little sneak peak of your reception area prior to guests taking their seats for wedding breakfast. Ensure your caterers save you a slice of the delicious wedding cake that you took time to sample throughout the planning process and remember to enjoy your evening reception, dancing the night away.

Lastly take a moment to look around at all your guests. Each and everyone one of them are there for YOU. They have travelled far and wide to spend this special day celebrating your marriage.  So, stop for a moment, take everything in and appreciate this could be one of the only times all your nearest and dearest are together in the same room. And finally raise a glass to yourselves for successfully planning a wonderful day.

Hopefully you will be able to use this advice and put everything in place so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. However, if your worried about addressing the day’s logistics and feel you could benefit from a helping hand, take a look at my On The Day Co-Ordination & Management Service and do contact me if you think I can help you.

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