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Styling Your Marquee Wedding | Essex Wedding Planner

With few rules and regulations to consider many couples are drawn to the flexibility a marquee wedding reception has to offer. Building a venue from scratch and working with a blank canvas interior appeals to couples who are keen to style their wedding reception in a way that perfectly matches their vision, rather than having to consider a venues permanent fixtures and colour scheme.

However, as you would expect planning a wedding reception within a marquee requires a huge amount of creativity and vision as well as an abundance of organisation, and with no venue staff to offer guidance and advice, couples can soon become overwhelmed. Of course, if you are working with a wedding planner they will no doubt inspire you with mood boards, suggestions and inspiration throughout the planning process. But for those of you who are planning your own wedding, I am very excited to be sharing my marquee styling tips and suggestions to help you perfectly style your marquee reception.

Style of marquee

Choosing the style of your marquee is the first styling decision you will make. Many couples planning a festival, bohemian or alternative style of wedding will choose a tipi or yurt style structure. Whilst couples planning a more traditional wedding are more likely to choose a classic structure such as a traditional pole, clear span or an elegant sailcloth marquee.


Coconut matting or coir matting as it is sometimes known is a popular and cost effective choice for couples planning their wedding within a tipi, or for couples who are planning a more relaxed celebration. Whilst couples who are hosting a classic and elegant wedding day will typically choose to cover their flooring with carpet which compliments this style of wedding perfectly.

As a side note, you should always request that your marquee company supplies a new carpet, and if you have chosen a light shade you should ask that the protective film be left in position and removed by a marquee attendant shortly before your guests are due to arrive.

Creative lighting

Creative lighting is the perfect way to transform the interior of your marquee. The possibilities are endless and range from festoon lighting around the perimeter of the marquee, fairy lights/pealights suspended above  the dance floor, around the edges of the marque and wrapped around the interior poles of a traditional pole marquee. You can also hire chandeliers which will help to create an elegant ambience, or coloured lanterns which are perfect for festival style celebrations. Uplighters can also be positioned around the base of your marquee and are perfect for creating a party atmosphere as the evening celebrations begin.

When choosing your creative lighting remember that this can be extended to include the grounds in which your marquee is positioned. If you are looking to create a wow factor consider decorating trees with fairy lights, which can be wrapped around their branches, trunks or both. You could also position uplighters/floodlights within flowerbeds or against tree trunks, whilst festoon lighting on shepherd hooks are perfect for creating walkways to your mobile toilet units or carpark.


The furniture choices you make for your wedding breakfast will probably depend on the style of wedding you are planning. Wooden trestle tables are a popular choice with couples planning a relaxed and informal wedding, whilst couples who are hosting a more traditional wedding day often choose round tables for their guests and a long table for their top table.

The seating options available are vast and include wooden benches, cross back chairs, folding chairs, chiavari chairs, ghost chairs, Brentwood chairs and not forgetting luxurious chairs such as Louis chairs, Malone chairs & Dior chairs.

Furniture options need not end with your wedding breakfast furniture, so consider incorporating  additional items such as a bar area with bar stools and poseur tables as well as a lounge area, both of which offer the perfect opportunity to further style your marquee as well as providing your guests with additional areas in which they can mingle and have fun.

As with creative lighting your furniture choices can also be extended outside with rattan garden sets, luxury lounge areas, traditional pub benches and even hay bales offering your guests the perfect opportunity to relax outside.

Florals, florals & more florals

You shouldn’t under estimate the difference florals will make to your marquee. They are the perfect way to incorporate your colour palette as well as enhance the style of wedding you are planning. For couples wishing to create a visual impact lining the walkway to your marquee with a beautiful flower meadow and adorning the entrance with a stunning flower arch is sure to create a lasting first impression. Hanging installations such as flower clouds suspended above your tables, suspending single stems around the perimeter of your dance floor and foliage and delicate flowers perfectly draping marquee poles are all wonderful ways to transform the interior of your marquee. You could also consider decorating your bar and lounge area with beautiful floral arrangements and not forgetting the centrepieces for your tables.

Upgrade your table styling

Often overlooked by couples, but upgrading your place settings is a fabulous way to further style your marquee. Hiring upgraded table linen & napkins, choosing premium cutlery, glassware and tableware will add additional detail to your wedding breakfast tables and also offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate additional stying detail into your wedding day.

I hope this brief guide to styling your marquee has offered you inspiration on how to decorate your marquee reception in a way that perfectly reflects your wedding day. If however you would like further guidance on any aspect of planning your wedding please get in touch to discuss the planning services I offer.

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Styling Your Marquee | Essex Wedding Planner


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