Including Pets In Your Wedding Day

French Bulldog At A Wedding With Flower Collar

If you’re planning your wedding and you are the proud owner of a fur baby, then I am sure you have considered ways you can include them within your wedding celebrations. Whether you own a dog, cat, horse or rabbit, (to name a few), there are lots of ways they can be included, with the obvious option being having them with you for part of your big day. But, if this is not possible fear not as there are many other creative ways you can include your pets within your nuptials without them actually being there on the big day.

Have them with you on your wedding day

As mentioned above the ultimate way to include your pets within your wedding day is to have them with you for part of the day. They could accompany you as your walking up the aisle, stand with the groom at he waits at the altar, have the all important job of being the ring bearer, be with you throughout your canapé reception as you relax and mingle with your family and friends and of course feature in a number of your wedding day photos. Whichever option you choose having your four legged friends with you on your big day does come with a number of challenges which should be considered before making your final decision.

Always check that your venue is pet friendly, and if they are what conditions they have in place should you choose for your pet to be present on your big day. If you will be asking any of your suppliers such as your photographer and videographer to work with your pet you should let them know your plans prior to your wedding day to make sure they are happy to work alongside your four legged friend, and very importantly if you are considering including your furry companion within your ceremony you should most definitely check with the person conducting this that they allow the inclusion of pets.

Assuming all is ok and you are given the go-ahead for your pet to attend your wedding day, you should also consider whether or not this will be a pleasant experience for them. Are they comfortable around large groups of people, are they able to easily travel to and from your venue, is your venue able to offer them a shaded area should your wedding day be blessed with sun and is there someone available to drop them off and collect them later in the day.

Bridal / groom preparations

As wonderful as it would be to have your pet with you on your special day this just may not be practical for some couples, but this doesn’t mean they need to be excluded from the days events. If your bridal and groom preparations are taking place at home or at a family members house why not ask your photographer to include them within a number of your bridal/ groom prep images. Could there be anything cuter than having your fur baby included in your photographs as you prepare for your big day?

Wedding cake

Including your pet into the design of your wedding cake is a fun way to include your pets in your big day. Ask your cake creator to design or source a cake topper that represents your furry friend, or better still ask that they are incorporated into the cake design by having a model of them on the top tier of your cake, climbing up the sides or peeping out from the icing. If you decide to do something along these lines remember to tell your photographer and videographer so they can capture this special detail.

Donation to an animal charity

This is a fabulous idea, especially if you found your own pet via a charity. You could make a donation in place of favors and simply let your guests know via a short poem or a card placed on each table. Alternatively, you could invite your guests to make donations to your chosen animal charity in place of gifts. Either way a charitable donation is the perfect way to express your love for animals on your special day.

Hopefully this blog post has given you a little inspiration on how to include your furry friends within your wedding day, and if you are looking for additional wedding planning advice please do take a look at my other blog posts which are packed full of top tips and useful information.

I am a wedding planner based in Essex, I primarily plan weddings within Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, however, I am able to travel a little further afield if required. If you are considering working with a wedding planner please do get in touch to discuss the wedding planning services I offer, I would love to hear from you.

Image Credit: Hannah Phipps Photography 

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French Bulldog with flower collar at a wedding

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