Do I Need A Wedding Planner

Many engaged couples consider hiring a wedding planner to be an expensive luxury, well, that’s until they hire one and realise they are worth every penny and probably more.

Some couples also dismiss the idea of working with a planner as they fear they will lose control of their wedding plans, decisions will be taken away from them, their team of suppliers will be made up of their planners recommended suppliers and their budget will spiral out of control.

Of course, all of the above is untrue and in fact what you actually gain is a wedding professional who is an expert in all things weddings. You will benefit from their knowledge, their expertise, their extensive wedding supplier contacts and above all you will have someone who cares about your wedding day as much as you do.

Still unsure if working with a wedding planner is for you. Take a look below.

You don’t know where to start

Most of the couples who contact me regarding my Full Planning service either say they just don’t know where to start, or they have no time spare to plan a wedding, (more about the latter below).

It’s not unusual to feel like this, as for most couples this will be the first time they have planned a wedding, or even an event with more than a handful of guests.

When working with a wedding planner they will talk you through the stages of planning a wedding, letting you know the order in which you should confirm your suppliers, and create a bespoke wedding planning timeline for you. They will also prepare a budget breakdown, which will help you to identify the venues and suppliers you should be considering.

Once you have the above you then have the foundations to plan your wedding, which will immediately put any overwhelmed couples minds at rest.

You’re time poor

As mentioned above, I have lost count of the number of times couples tell me they just do not have the spare time to plan a wedding, which isn’t surprising when you consider it takes couples on average 250 hours to plan their wedding. Therefore, you will be pleased to know that hiring a wedding planner will save you time, and lots of it.

When you hire a wedding planner on a full plan basis you will basically have your very own wedding PA, who will ensure that every element of your wedding is planned to perfection.

Of course you will still need to attend venue visits, supplier meetings, tastings and final planning meetings, but these are the fun parts of planning a wedding. Your wedding planner would have taken care of the research, endless emails, timelines and schedules, leaving you to enjoy your wedding planning journey rather than feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

You lack inspiration

Some couples choose to work with a wedding planner as they are lacking in inspiration for their big day, or, have an idea of what they would like their wedding day to look like but have no idea how to achieve it.

You will be pleased to know that wedding planners aren’t just there to offer assistance with the logistics of your wedding, but also the pretty too.  Many of us love to create mood boards offering styling inspiration and we also have a big black book full of creatives that we can recommend to help bring your vision to life.

You don’t want to miss a thing

With so much to plan and to remember, it’s no wonder couples fear missing a detail which could seem small, but turns out to have a huge impact on their big day. Imagine forgetting to inform your make up artist that bridal prep will now be at your house, rather than your venue, or forgetting to pass on a last minute revised wedding day schedule to the musician who is due to perform throughout your wedding breakfast and they arrive half an hour in to dinner service.

Assumptions can be made and timings change, so it is important that you are alive to the nitty gritty and ensure that every final detail has been confirmed, checked and re-checked, which is normal practice for wedding planners. In fact, I have a huge checklist detailing the smallest of detail for each wedding that I work on so I can be sure every last detail has been addressed.

You want to relax and enjoy your day

This request is most common for couples who are looking to book my On the Day Co-ordination service, as having planned their own wedding day they are fully aware of how much will be going on behind the scenes once their big day arrives. They therefore want to relax and enjoy the day they have planned rather than addressing the days timings & logistics.

When you book a wedding planner to co-ordinate your wedding day, more often than not and certainly when you book me, you will receive support around 6 weeks before the big day, so your plans can be reviewed and complimented where required, your suppliers will be contacted to confirm the plans you have in place and finally your planner will be with you on your special day from morning set up until the last guest leaves, working discreetly behind the scenes ensuring all goes to plan, leaving you to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

I hope the above has helped you understand the various ways that working with a wedding planner can help you, and if you are considering working with a planner, or you would like to learn more about the wedding planning services I offer, please do get in touch I would love to hear from you.

I am a wedding planner based in Brentwood Essex and I specialise in planning relaxed, elegant and timeless celebrations with a particular passion for planning marquee weddings and weddings within dry hire venues.

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