Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

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When planning your wedding it’s inevitable that you will encounter a number of issues along the way. Your florist may need to tweak your florals to fit your budget, you may need to compromise on the style of cake you order, or your first choice band may already have a booking for your wedding day. Each of these are frequent obstacles you could come across when planning your special day, but there are also a number of common wedding planning mistakes which can be avoided if you are aware of them.

The good news is, if you have a wedding planner they will be able to guide you through the planning process avoiding these errors. However, I am aware that not every couple will be working with a planner so I have shared below a list of the common mistakes couples make when planning their wedding, as well as how to avoid them.

Blowing the budget on your venue

Too often couples will go ahead and book their wedding venue prior to confirming their wedding day budget. As tempting as it is to book the venue which seems perfect for your big day, you should first have a clear idea of your wedding day budget and how much of this budget will be allocated to your venue.

If after further investigation your ideal venue is too expensive, you could consider marrying within low season or booking a midweek wedding, both of which can reduce a wedding venues hire fees considerably.

Forgetting to check a venues minimum & maximum guest numbers

As well as booking a venue before confirming their wedding day budget, couples can also forget to confirm a venues maximum and minimum guest requirements prior to paying their deposit.

Before booking your venue you should have a draft guest list which will provide you with an idea of your guest numbers. In order to ensure the venue meets your guest requirements you should check the venue can accommodate the number of guests you are expecting for your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception. Equally you should check that your guest list meets the venues minimum guest requirements, as failure to do so could incur additional charges.

Forgetting to book your registrar

Another common error made by couples is wrongly assuming they are booking a registrar to conduct their wedding when they book their venue. Couples should call the venues local registrar’s office to book registrars to conduct their ceremony and confirm their ceremony time. Once this has been done you should inform your venue of the time that has been confirmed for your wedding ceremony.

Not arranging an early set up with musicians / DJ

It’s easy to see how this can be overlooked, but in order for your wedding to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible you should discuss at point of enquiry whether or not your musicians/DJ offers an early set up service. If this is discussed early in the booking process it is often not a problem, however  issues could arise if this is not discussed early on. Of course, if an early set up is not possible then it can be worked around. However, you should be prepared for your musicians to set up with your guests present which will often involve carrying instruments and conducting sound checks in front of your guests, (which would normally take place following your speeches). Unless of course your evening celebration is taking place within a different room to that of your wedding breakfast.

Excluding a videographer from your supplier list

Not hiring a videographer is often a  couples biggest regret. Whilst photos are beautiful and a wonderful keepsake of your special day, there are some moments – exchanging vows, speeches and the first dance  which are wonderful when captured on film. If there is wiggle room in your budget, then you won’t regret hiring a videographer.

Including traditions that are not important to you

Not seeing each other on your wedding morning, the confetti throw, speeches, cake cutting & first dance are all wedding day traditions that many couples still include within their wedding day. However, if they do not appeal to you, or one of them is causing unnecessary stress, then why include it? Instead plan a wedding that truly reflects you both as a couple and ditch the traditions that are just not important to you both.

Incorrect timings

Whilst it is your special day, keeping your guests happy and entertained should be high on your priority list. Inflicting an extended drinks reception can make time drag for guests especially if they have had a long journey, have children, or are beginning to feel hungry. Similarly,  Speeches lasting for an hour and a half will often cause guests to become restless, and a long gap between your afternoon reception and your evening party can become boring for guests. To avoid this speak to your venue and each of your on the day suppliers and ask their advice on wedding day timings. Or work with a wedding planner or wedding co-ordinator who will be able to put together a wedding day schedule for you.

No plan B

Of course every couple hopes the weather will be kind to them on their wedding day. But, it’s important to be realistic. Speak to your venue to confirm their wet weather plan and ask to see images of this area set for a wedding, which will give you an idea of what to expect should you need to revert to your plan b.

If you’re hosting your reception within a marquee, ensure you have set aside room within the marquee for guests to stand throughout your drinks reception. It is also worth speaking to your marquee company to see if they can supply at last minute an additional tent to cover your restrooms as well as a coir matting walkway from your carpark to the marquee, should they be required.

Forgetting to have fun

This is so important that I actually have a whole blog post on this topic. In short couples can become so consumed in planning their wedding and ensuring all runs smoothly that they forget to relax and enjoy their wedding day.

Always remember to delegate small tasks to a number of trusted guests. This could be asking a bridesmaid to help your photographer locate guests for group photos, asking your ushers to relocate your ceremony flowers to their new position following your ceremony, or, sharing your wedding day schedule with a select few from your bridal party.

This will leave you safe in the knowledge that your nearest and dearest are keeping an eye on the days events for you, allowing you to relax, have fun and savour every precious moment of your special day.

I hope that this brief guide to common wedding planning mistakes has been helpful and alerted you to any potential issues that you may come across whilst planning your wedding day.

If you are planning your wedding and feel that you could benefit from working with a wedding planner, then please do get in touch. I am based in Brentwood Essex and primarily plan and co-ordinate weddings and celebrations throughout Essex, Suffolk, Kent, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, although I am also able to travel a little further if required.

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